Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekend Dinner

Last weekend we spent a rainy day at the museum. Since I will post about the museum later, I will just have to show you the yummy food from Soul Vegetarian. We always go to Soul Veg 2, which is right near Youngblood Gallery. It is a must have for lunch or dinner when we visit this section of Atlanta.

Salad at Soul Vegetarian.
There is always a garden salad to begin... I love the dressing on this salad! It is addictive.

Onion rings at Soul Vegetarian.
We shared onion rings. I do not usually love inion rings, but these were light, crispy and not overly onion-y.

Tofu filet sandwich and Hebrew Bakes at Soul Vegetarian.
I always get the same sandwich when I go to Soul Veg. This is the tofu filet and it has pickles on top and Hebrew bakes on the side.

Ice Kream at Soul Vegetarian. So good butter pecan.
And last, but certainly not least, Raoul and I shared their vegan butter pecan ice cream. I wish I had some now!

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