Monday, November 29, 2010

Too Much Food Network

Food Network
Do you ever think you watch too much Food Network? Sometimes we do. Here is a comic I made for the cool website, Fierce and Nerdy!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wood Jewelry

Runaway Bunny Pin 3
I have been busy at work making some new wood jewelry. I love making these wood pins and hairpins from my drawings. They so remind me of cookies! Cookies you can wear!

Itty Bitty Kitty Hairpins 2

Nutty Buddy Pin 2

Sleepy Kitty Wood Pin 1
Raoul says this looks just like Nilla when she is asleep. Nilla is so cute. And of course these little kitties are inspired by our beloved pet cat!

Owl Hairpins 3
This batch of wood items are made from wonderful birch wood. I just love the light texture in this wood. It makes these things look so pretty!

Elephant Wood Pin 3

Acorn Hairpins 3

Softie Ice Cream Cone Wood Pin 1
These goodies are ready at Shoppe Sugar Cookie and some at my website, too!
Indie Craft Experience Pop Up Shop 15

Indie Craft Experience Pop Up Shop 2

Indie Craft Experience Pop Up Shop 4
We had some Black Friday fun at the Indie Craft Experience Pop Up Shop that our friends Christy and Shannon organized. The shop is open for a limited time, and it will be changing throughout this time with even more handmade goodness to fill your holiday wishes!

Indie Craft Experience Pop Up Shop 25

Indie Craft Experience Pop Up Shop 5

Indie Craft Experience Pop Up Shop 3
The ICE Pop Up Shop has more than just local handmade. I saw so many of my favorites from around the country!

Indie Craft Experience Pop Up Shop 7

Indie Craft Experience Pop Up Shop 8

Indie Craft Experience Pop Up Shop 12

Indie Craft Experience Pop Up Shop 11
I have some of my handmade goodies at the ICE Pop Up Shop, too. What great displays round the whole shop, too. Will you pledge to buy handmade for the holidays?

Indie Craft Experience Pop Up Shop 18

Indie Craft Experience Pop Up Shop 20

Indie Craft Experience Pop Up Shop 22

Indie Craft Experience Pop Up Shop 28

Indie Craft Experience Pop Up Shop 23
If you can't visit this shop, please remember there are some other shops you can visit in person or online, too. Renegade Handmade, Atomic Books, Quimby's, Nancy, Youngblood, Shanalogic, and Ohh Boy are all fantastic places to find handmade goodies this season! Plus, some of them carry my handmade, too!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sanrio Pop Up Shop

Sanrio Pop Up Shop 1

Sanrio Pop Up Shop 4
Yesterday we went to see the Sanrio Pop Up Shop! It was so much fun! Even though it was a little rainy, we got to see the cute Sanrio goods. We also did some shopping, too!

Sanrio Pop Up Shop 28

Sanrio Pop Up Shop 11

Sanrio Pop Up Shop 23
Inside the shop was really neat, too. The ceiling had the characters all over, just like the trucks that travel with the Sanrio Pop Up Shop.

Sanrio Pop Up Shop 25

Sanrio Pop Up Shop 16
Here are some of the Pop Up Shop goodies!

Sanrio Pop Up Shop 54

Sanrio Pop Up Shop 44

Sanrio Pop Up Shop 31
I was very excited to see Hello Kitty! I even took Gretel, my Blythe doll. She is wearing the Hello Kitty costume. Did you know Gretel and I have matching Hello Kitty costumes? Mine did not come to the shop due to the rain!

Sanrio Pop Up Shop 20

Sanrio Pop Up Shop 22

Sanrio Pop Up Shop 21

Sanrio Pop Up Shop 57

Sanrio Pop Up Shop 15
They even had a Hello Kitty Smart Car! It was so cute.

Sanrio Pop Up Shop 49
Later on Hello Kitty made an appearance! I felt so happy to see her and get this picture taken with her!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Flossy on Craft!

Flossy the Dachshund Embroidery Floss Bobbin 5
My friend Terri told me to look at Craftzine today cos they featured my Flossy Dachshund Embroidery Floss Bobbin! Thanks, Craft! Read about it on their blog and find my Flossys at Shoppe Sugar Cookie! I also have Flossy the Pony and Flossy the Unicorn!

Flossy the Dachshund Embroidery Floss Bobbin 1

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Have One On Me...

Joanna Newsom 33

Joanna Newsom 30
Last week we went to see Joanna Newsom perform an amazing show here at the 40 Watt in Athens. I was so happy to see her, as she is one of my all time favorites.

Joanna Newsom 12

Joanna Newsom 32
Joanna played a very good mix of old and new songs, so it was nice to see how they sound. We enjoyed the drummer who was set up very close to where we were standing. It was neat to watch the drumming - it was very creative, sparse, and great. Plus, how exciting it was to see Joanna play harp so close to us. I never heard a crowd more quiet than the one that night. I never recall he 40 Watt being so silent for a performer, so that was good!

Joanna Newsom 13

Joanna Newsom 7
Switching back between harp and piano, Joanna played so many of my favorites including "Bridges and Balloons," "Cosmia," "Good Intentions Paving Co.," "Inflammatory Writ," and "Baby Birch," that it was hard not to tear up at times.

Joanna Newsom 42

Joanna Newsom 34
And let's not forget how adorable she looked, too. How I love her pink velvet dress!

Joanna Newsom 29

Joanna Newsom 51
So this year so far I have seen two of my three favorite bands - Joanna Newsom and Laura Marling! Next on my list is Alessi's Ark, so I am keeping my fingers crossed to see her sometime soon!