Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Peachy Heart

My peach is a heart!
My peach is a heart today. Wait, no, my heart is a peach today.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tunesday Tuesday - Guv'ner

Tunesday Tuesday - Guv'ner
One of my all-time favorite bands on Merge Records is Guv'ner. I first heard the song "Baby's Way Cruel" on a mix tape from my pen pal. I was hooked upon first listen. I had a hard time finding their album "Hard for Measy for You," but I ended up finding it via Parasol Mailorder. Woah - remember Parasol? I do! Okay, so Guv'ner are husband and wife musical act, Charles and Pumpkin. They are really amazing and adorable and cute and when they play you can tell they are having fun and singing to each other, too. I saw them perform in 1996. It was my first 21 and over show! They were super fun and I gave Pumpkin lollipops and my zines at the show - how nerdy! Anyways, here are some of my pictures from that show. I miss Guv'ner! I love that band.

Guv'ner, Pittsburgh PA at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, 1996 - 1

Guv'ner, Pittsburgh PA at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, 1996 - 2

Guv'ner, Pittsburgh PA at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, 1996 - 3

Guv'ner, Pittsburgh PA at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, 1996 - 4

Friday, May 25, 2012

Oh Nilla

What a happy cat!
Here was Nilla the other day! She loves to roll!

Baby seal.


She even gave me some kisses!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Craft Market Tips - Part 2

Raoul and I have successfully attended many craft sales over the years. Here are some things we like to do when preparing for a craft market. I hope this helps you when gearing up for your handmade market!

Craft Sale Tips - Carry
I like to put my stuff in a rolling luggage. This makes it easy to wheel to and from the car, and to the venue. Inside I might put plush, but lately I like to carry all of my one inch pinback buttons in the suitcase. I put the buttons inside tackle boxes that are clear and have separate compartments to store the buttons. I also use clear plastic shoebox shaped boxes for jewelry and items that can't get squished.

Craft Sale Tips - Setting up
When setting up the table, we like to have some height to our display. This adds interest, and allows us to maximize even the smallest craft table by building up. Raoul is better at organizing the items, and we often set up our table at home and create a mock up so we know where everything will go when we arrive to set up. This also helps us know how much we can fit on our tables, so we are not over-packing and carrying things we will not need. I use wire blocks for our display. There are lots of display things out there, but I find these work pretty good for us and they sort of "disappear" and allow our handmade creations to stand out. I also have many small items that are placed on plastic lunch trays and baskets. In the past I have used metal spinner racks and chip clips to display buttons and jewelry.

Craft Sale Tips - Fluff
We have all heard it before, but you are the best way to show off your lovely creations! Yes, you are! I like to wear my hairpins or jewelry to the craft fairs, even if I am going as a shopper. It gives people a good idea of how it looks when worn, and your fellow crafters will see it as you make the rounds to their tables!

I like to "fluff" my table throughout the day. I know this is difficult when it is busy, but I try to make my display look as full as possible, and refill empty spaces with extra stuff.

Craft Sale Tips - At your table
I am so lucky that Raoul makes crafts, so I have someone with me all the time at my table. Bringing a buddy is so helpful so you can visit the restroom, grab a snack, and more importantly, go shopping!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Craft Market Tips - Part 1

The summer craft market season is upon us! Even though I did my sale for this season already, I have been tabling at craft sales and zine fairs since 1999. I have found over the years that there are some things you can do to be prepared for this experience and make it as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. I hope you find these tips helpful for when you have your table at a craft fair.

Craft Sale Tips - Supplies to have on hand
First, there are supplies that I always have on hand for each sale. My "tool kit" includes pens, markers, price tags, tape (both Scotch tape and packing tape), scissors, string, and a lint brush. I like to write my price tags ahead of time, but sometimes I take some blank ones to write on if there is some item I overlooked. I also like to have the packing tape and lint brush to "de-fuzz" any plush, t-shirts, or tote bags before the show.

Craft Sale Tips - Food
Okay, so let's talk about food. Usually Raoul and I will get pizza the night before a big craft sale. We like to make this our "thing" the night before. We can relax for a bit and have pizza, then go home and pack up our car and crafts. This is also good cos we always have over half the pizza to have as lunch at the craft fair. We do this almost all the time before a market. Other times, that we have not been able to get pizza, I have packed us a lunch of sushi or garden burgers. These are quick, easy foods that can be eaten in a hurry. I also like to pack fruit to eat throughout the day, or sometimes I pack some cheese and crackers.

Craft Sale Tips - Change
As far as change, I get $50 in one dollar bills the night before. Sometimes at holiday time, I might get more. It helps to have the smaller bills, as I have lots of small items. I also carry a little change purse for all of my earnings that day.

I hope these tips help and that you are prepared for the craft season!

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Zines at ShanaLogic

My Zines at ShanaLogic
I am happy to report that my zines are now available at the awesome indie online shop called ShanaLogic! I really love ShanaLogic cos they support so many super talented artists and designers. Please have a look at her website, and you can pick up some of my zines! I am the first zinester to have their zines at Shana's webshop.

Thrilling titles!
You can own my thrilling titles!

Shipping Where's a Cookie zine.

Super Paws zine.

Dork Lifestyle zine.
So please have a look at ShanaLogic and read some zines!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sketchbook Sunday - Acorns and Cute Girls

I have been drawing some cute girls lately! Some are mori girl inspired and some are just doodles.

Acorn heads.

Another acorn head.
Here are some acorn heads. I enjoy making new characters and illustrating their clothes and friends.

Acorn baby.
This is another mori inspired sketch - a girl holding a baby acorn! I love her hair and her bow.

Umbrella girl.
We had a good bit of rain last weekend, so this illustration was made during the rain and hail storms we had last week.

Fawn Baby.
Here is my fawn baby, too. I love drawing animals, especially deer and fawns.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

We Buy DIY: Oceanity Handmade

Handmade pin I got this weekend.
When we had our table at Raindrop a few weeks ago, I picked up some really neat stuff from Michelle of Oceanity Handmade. Michelle makes really lovely fabric brooches, bow barrettes, sewn ribbons, and much more. I chose this pin, made from vintage Girl Scouts fabric and felt. This is the Pen Pal pin! I love it because I had so many pen pals when I was in high school and college. Hey, it was before the internet... I might have to get the other Pen Pal, so she can have someone to write to.

Vintage book.
I also chose a vintage children's book to add to my collection. This one has some really cute illustrations inside - so inspiring!

Children of the Nineties.
The book is called Children of the Nineties, and I know you are thinking they might be into "grunge music" maybe, but no, my friends, they are from the 1890's!

Cute art in my book.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Nilla Likes Ice Cream

Who wants ice cream?
Nilla wants to try my ice cream! Hey, Nilla, this is not for cats. This is people food. Do I always have to remind you? Here, you can lick the ice from the container.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

This American Life Live Broadcast

Ira Glass
Last week we went to see This American Life live! Well, it was not really live and in person, but beamed into a local movie theatre. Raoul and I went to see this show at Discover Mills, just outside of Atlanta. We had a great dinner together at a Greek restaurant before the show, and we made our way around the mall, too. What a thrill it was to SEE a broadcast of This American Life! And to see Ira Glass on the big screen.

Superman cartoons.
Before the show began, we watched vintage Superman cartoons. I really liked how they drew Lois Lane and her eyes. Here is the jewelry shop, just before it got robbed!

This American Life
I especially enjoyed the retro-style animations between the acts and stories. I listen to a podcast called Snap Judgement sometimes, so I was really excited to see Glynn Washington tell his story. I really like hearing about his wild childhood; Raoul assured me I would remember crazy stories better if my childhood was as crazy as his! I also thought the interview about Vivian Maier photographs was brilliant, though I am not sure how she would feel having so many eyes on her work all of a sudden, especially when it was created for her to enjoy. I also thought Tig Notaro's story was hilarious. David Sedaris as a clown was comedy gold, too! I can't wait to hear the podcast so I can hear it again. You won't be able to see David Sedaris as a clown, though.

Hello Kitty marshmallow. Yummy.
What a great show. And what great Hello Kitty marshmallow snacks that we had, too. I look forward to the next live broadcast of This American Life!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


My soup has a message!!
My alphabet soup is trying to tell me something!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Mushrooms

Mushroom bird house! I can't wait for someone to move in!
We have been really busy working on our back yard this spring. We hope to get a lot cleared and cute plants in the ground before it gets super hot. I found these amazing mushroom shaped bird houses and knew they would be perfect for our back yard! We are making the back yard into a woodland garden.

Yay! My new birdhouses.
There is a pole in our back yard, too - maybe it was originally meant for a clothes line, but now that is where we placed our bird houses. I think they look pretty good as a pair! Plus, we can view them from our kitchen window, so I really like that.

Yay. My mushroom bird house.
I wonder when a bird family will move in?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Snuggle Bunny Monday

Oreo and Jumbles ears.
Aww! Just look at these best buns, Jumbles and Oreo. They are sitting so close to one another that their whiskers tickle each other's faces.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Atlanta Botanical Gardens 1020
Happy Mother's Day to my mom! She is the best. Here we are at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens sharing a good book with some frog friends. I love you, Mom!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mushroom bird bath.
Since my family came for a visit, we have been doing some gardening as of late. We trimmed some stuff in the back yard and placed mulch around the flower beds - so far fourteen bags of mulch were purchased! Here is our back yard and the bird bath. Our bird bath is mushroom-shaped with a cute bunny at the bottom. My mom loved this one so much, she got one for her yard!

Back yard bird bath.

Potted plants.
My mom helped me pot some plants, too.


Scotch moss.
This is one of our favorites, it is called scotch moss. I hope I don't kill this one!

Bunny in the garden.

Woodland back yard garden.

Veggie garden with bok choi, brussels sprouts, broccoli, oregano, chard and kale.
I am growing some veggies, too. Here is bok choy, brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, swiss chard, and oregano. So far so good.

English daisies. Hope they grow!

Lavender plant in the back yard.
And some lavender for the back yard, too. I love lavender - it smells so pretty. Are you planting a garden this year?