Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's a New Year...

My favorite planners by Little Otsu.
Hello New Year! I know we are a week into the new year already, and I have been reading so many reflections and resolutions on some of my favorite blogs (like here, here, and here), I am inspired for the new year. As usual, one of my goals is getting organized. I always have my planner on hand. I write everything I have to do for the day, appointments, classes, and project due dates. Some days when I am especially busy, I am happy to get maybe two of my tasks completed. I use a planner that works with how I think, which is more visual and cute to look at. I have used planners from Little Otsu for the past five years, and I love them.

My planner inside.

Drawings in my planner.
In fact, this year's planner is so lovely I refuse to write on the blocks for "notes" cos I love the drawings so much. There is a side bar for "weekly to do list" so that is where I will write.

So! What are some goals for 2012? Let's see...

Read seven new books. I know Kaylah is aiming for 15, and maybe I can reach 15, but I am starting with seven. I used to read books more when I worked at a book store a few years ago. I do not have time to read so many books like I once did, but that is not to say I do not read. I do! I love reading zines and magazines cover to cover.

Self publish my Tofu Baby book. Some of you may have read my comic called Tofu Baby for the local newspaper Flagpole. I have over 250 comics now, so I think it is time to make a book!

Classes. I love being in school! I took a jewelry class last fall. I plan to continue this class this year! I am excited to learn some new techniques.

Organize. Okay, this one is a hard one for me. I admit, I am messy. Raoul is the organized one. But slowly we are getting organized at home. We have painted six rooms in our home and we plan to finish the rest. We have also been framing and hanging artwork, and basically decorating our home. We will keep this going this year and make our home even better! And I will keep it organized when it gets there. I hope.

New 2012 calendar of Cute Overload.
Our friend Gary gave us this page a day calendar, too. I guess the new year means choosing new calendars and what you like to look at each day. I love this one cos it is so cute. Each day is fun to see who is on the next page. I guess it will make Mondays especially fun when I get to pull two pages!

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