Monday, January 23, 2012

Mini Choco

Mini Choco Plush candies.

I love chocolate, so I sewed some of these Mini Choco candies. Raoul gave me the idea to make a special wrapper for the Mini Choco, so I made this cute little label. It is printed on speckled white paper.

Mini Choco wrapped up in the wrapper.
All wrapped up neatly in a foil wrapper - this is one candy that won't melt in your pocket! Inside contains...

Mini Choco Strawberry Plush 1
Some very cute candy! I made these from wool felt. I enjoy doing some hand sewing once in a while, and these little sweets are fun to make. I especially liked embroidering their faces.

Mini Choco Dark Chocolate Plush 7

Mini Choco Milk Chocolate Plush 4

Mini Choco Strawberry Plush 2

Mini Choco Dark Chocolate Plush 8
I only made a few of these so far, and you can find them right here at Shoppe Sugar Cookie! You can give the gift of chocolate this Valentine's Day!

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