Monday, April 30, 2012

Snuggle Bunny Monday

Oreo playing with her pine come toss toy.

Relax after playing so much.

Look at this cute rabbit.

Look at these cute rabbits!

New Zine, Dork Lifestlye Number 4

My zine Dork Lifestyle 4.
I made a new zine recently! It is called Dork Lifestyle. It is a collection of my comics from Fierce and Nerdy. Fierce and Nerdy is a great website that my good friend Ernessa T. Carter created. If you don't read it, you should!

Not only does this issue of Dork Lifestlye feature my comics about hitch hiking, Henry Rollins, and high school, but it also shows some new comics that were not published on the Fierce and Nerdy website and that are only available in this issue! Super!

You can get my newest zine on my personal website here, or at Shoppe Sugar Cookie on Etsy!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sketchbook Sunday - Thrift Stores and Self Portraits

Drawing of me holding a bunny.
I started to draw some things I found at thrift stores and a few self portraits. I like to draw clothes, so I focused on that. I also love to draw bunnies, so I added that, too! Only I am not good at picking up our pet rabbits at all. They are much too wiggly!

Some drawings of stuff I found at vintage shops.
Here is a mug, a ceramic planter, and a dress I found at thrift shops. I might put them into a zine some day.

Inked drawing of me and another in pencil sketch form.
These are some drawings of clothing I got in vintage shops. The first one is me in the 1990's wearing a shirt dress from a friend and some Doc Martens shoes that I bought a few sizes too big. Why did I do that? The other pencil sketch is a top I got downtown - it makes me look like a waitress!

Squirrel drawing - I got this at a thrift sale.
I found this plush squirrel at a thrift sale - and this squirrel is wearing a pink floral pattern dress!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Check Out These Paws

Paw paw.

Please do not disturb.

Nilla dreaming.
Nilla is so cute sleeping on my bed!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fluke There It Is

Fluke 2012 table. Check out all my comics and zines!
Fluke 2012 was so much fun! We had our table set up with all of our comics and zines, plus I added some of my Tofu Baby plush and cupcake plush. Oh, and lots and lots of one inch buttons!

Our table at Fluke 2012!

Fluke 2012.
Fluke is held at the 40 Watt club in down town Athens. It used to be at another club called Tasty World, but then the event grew so much that this venue is needed now. I really like being at the 40 Watt cos it is such a great place in Athens to see bands play. Now it is a great place for self publishing!

Fluke - meeting Tofu Baby fan Katie!
Here is our new friend Katie! We met her friends, too - so that was really great! She is a fan of Tofu Baby! We had a good time having dinner with them. I was so tired by the end of the day that we had to eat burgers and fries at Clocked, the diner up the street. It hit the spot after a long day of talking to everyone at the fair.

Fluke table for 2012.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Matthew and Melanie's Wedding Day

Matthew and Melanie Wedding 0115
A few weeks back our friends Matthew and Melanie got married! We were so happy to attend this lovely wedding, here are some of my photos from their special day. Matthew told me many of their wedding decorations came from Etsy, and much of it was really cool and creative; I loved seeing everything!

Matthew and Melanie Wedding 0114
Check out these cakes! That was a lot of cake! So much cake that we had some the next day. Yum! This cake was red velvet flavor. Sweet!

Matthew and Melanie Wedding 0136
Here is their "guest book" that is a vinyl record. Everybody signed this record for Melanie and Matthew, how cute is that?

Matthew and Melanie Wedding 0137

Matthew and Melanie Wedding 0140

Matthew and Melanie Wedding 0121
Here is the happy couple! Melanie looks so pretty in her dress.

Matthew and Melanie Wedding 0123

Matthew and Melanie Wedding 0129
Their dog, Jack, was the ring bearer. Jack was such a good dog during the whole thing, and everyone laughed when he was walked down the aisle! I love his face.

Matthew and Melanie Wedding 0144

Matthew and Melanie Wedding 0135

Matthew and Melanie Wedding 0139

Matthew and Melanie Wedding 0141
Here is me having a cocktail! It made me woozy!

Matthew and Melanie Wedding 0154
Then I ate lots of cotton candy! Yes, they had a cotton candy machine maker at their wedding! What a great idea! I loved this. I love cotyon candy. I am not sure, but I might have liked cotton candy more than the cake.

Matthew and Melanie Wedding 0164
We danced, ate food and cake, had cotton candy, and talked to all of our friends! Congrats to Matthew and Melanie on their wedding day! We are so happy for you and we loved sharing this day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Earth Day 2012

ATHICA Upcycle 3060
We visited ATHICA for their most recent art exhibit, Upcycle. It was Earth Day, so we had a good time looking at local art made from recycled and unsuspecting materials.

ATHICA Upcycle 3059

ATHICA Upcycle 3062

ATHICA Upcycle 3063
This camper made by the Cap Man was really neat. I especially liked the pink flamingos and flowers - the centers of the flowers happen to be bottle caps, too!

ATHICA Upcycle 3066

ATHICA Upcycle 3072

ATHICA Upcycle 3073

ATHICA Upcycle 3064

ATHICA Upcycle 3067
These birds and flowers were cut from vinyl records.

ATHICA Upcycle 3068

ATHICA Upcycle 3079
Inside these juice bottle caps were individual miniature paintings. This was my favorite installation of the whole exhibit. I love miniature artwork, and each of these contained a beautiful painting.

ATHICA Upcycle 3078

ATHICA Upcycle 3076

ATHICA Upcycle 3077

ATHICA Upcycle 3092
Another part of the art opening was the Trashion Fashion Show. It was a great mix of materials made into wearable and not-so-wearable fashions. Just like Project Runway!

ATHICA Upcycle 3101

ATHICA Upcycle 3090

ATHICA Upcycle 3087
Happy Earth Day!