Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nilla in the Kitchen

Nilla 0585
Nilla loves to be in the kitchen (when she is not sleeping or looking out the window) when we are in the kitchen. She likes to roll on the floor when we are cooking or washing dishes. She is so happy.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shoe Love

Oreo loves my shoes!
It has been very nice here in Athens lately. So nice that Oreo and Jumbles can play on the patio. Here is Oreo loving my shoes!

Artist Kyungmin Park

MFA Show at UGA 2783
We went to the MFA Exhibition at the University of Georgia on Friday. There I got to see one of my favorite local artists, Kyungmin Park. I first saw Kyungmin's ceramic work at our friend Gary's office. Since then Gary has given us gifts of her ceramics and we love them so much. Now you can see some of her artwork from the MFA show. It is easy to see the appeal in her work.

MFA Show at UGA 2785


MFA Show at UGA 2782
I love the colors of these pieces and the detail in the eyes.

MFA Show at UGA 2781

MFA Show at UGA 2787
Can you spot the little ladybugs?

MFA Show at UGA 2788

MFA Show at UGA 2789

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tunesday Tuesday - Lykke Li

Tunesday Tuesday - Lykke Li
I have been listening to Lykke Li since her first album "Youth Novels." I first read about her in Nylon magazine (my favorite magazine) and I was hooked. Lykke Li is from Sweden and plays dancey sugar-coated pop. I love listening to her album to get myself motivated! So I put on her albums when I want to hear something inspirational and get me going creatively. My favorite song of hers that will get you groovin' is "I'm Good, I'm Gone." Now let's take a listen to some music...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Snuggle Bunny Monday

Jumbles and Nilla! Nilla kissed Jumbles tonight!
Look! Nilla is hanging out with Jumbles! Nilla visits the bun's home quite often. She loves Oreo and Jumbles. The rabbits are not afraid of Nilla at all. They are curious and come to say hello to her. All Nilla wants to do is eat their salad and drink from their ceramic water dish, also known as "bun water." Nilla loves bun water! It must taste better than the water in her very own dish! This week Nilla "kissed" Jumbles and gave him a few licks near his ears. I was thrilled she "kissed" him, but Raoul was convinced she was "tasting" him. We can't be sure...

Very nice Oreo.
Oreo and Jumbles played so much in the patio, that they get so super tired. Oreo is relaxing by her Woodland Getaway.

Taking a rest in his tent.

Bunny tail

We Buy DIY: Treehouse Kid and Craft

Treehouse Kid and Craft 2756
This weekend Raoul and I visited our favorite DIY and craft shop here in Athens called Treehouse Kid and Craft. I restocked some of my handmade goodies from Shoppe Sugar Cookie, like my Flossy bobbins, wood pins, and notepads.

Treehouse Kid and Craft 2759

Treehouse Kid and Craft 2770

Treehouse Kid and Craft 2769

Treehouse Kid and Craft 2775
There are so many cute things in Treehouse. I had to walk around the shop maybe six times before I could decide on what to purchase.

Treehouse Kid and Craft 2763

Treehouse Kid and Craft 2762

Treehouse Kid and Craft 2766

Treehouse Kid and Craft 2773

Treehouse Kid and Craft 2767

Treehouse Kid and Craft 2764

Treehouse Kid and Craft 2761
You don't have to be a kid to enjoy Treehouse! I love just looking around for inspiration and eye candy. If you are in Athens, come visit Treehouse. We love it, and I think you will, too.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures - Yummy Cake and Turducken Edition

Lemon poppy seed cake.
We had a great weekend - mostly hanging out at home working on projects and playing with the pets. We did find some time to go out to eat, see the MFA Art Exhibition at UGA, sew, and plant some seeds. Here is some lemon poppy seed cake that Raoul and I shared at the Grit. I am not sure if they knew it was Nilla's Adoption Day celebration, but it was fun to get a candle in our cake.

At the post office.
We got to check our post box.

Trees in bloom.
The trees have been so beautiful lately. Not so beautiful is the golden-colored pollen that seems to have coated everything outside.

MFA Show at UGA 2784
Here is my favorite artist from the MFA show this weekend - Kyungmin Park. Her work is sooooo good. I am a huge fan.

MFA Show at UGA 2790
Here I am visiting an installation at a side classroom. What neat grass and trees!

MFA Show at UGA 2791
Another great work of art - this was awesome, too!

Turducken for Nilla's Special Day! She loved it.
Here is what Nilla had for her Adoption Day Treat. She loved it and it made her very sleepy and happy. We thought it was really funny that there was Turducken for cats!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Celebrating Nilla

Nilla is eight!
Today celebrates Nilla's Adoption Day. I remember clearly bringing Nilla home from the Humane Society eight years ago. She was right at home almost immediately and curled up in my fire place to take a nap. I know Nilla has been with us now for eight years, but I still think of her as six.

Nilla with a cupcake kitty.
We love you, Nilla!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Illustration Friday - Shades

Illustration Friday - Shades
Here is my drawing for Illustration Friday. The word of the week is shades. I am almost certain many people will be going with sunglasses as inspiration. My girl is wearing star-shaped sunglasses and is inspired by the artwork for the 7" single called "Yer So Sweet" from the band Cold Cold Hearts!

Flossy on This is Love Forever

Flossy Bobbins - deer and giraffe.
A big thank you to Kayte from This is Love Forever. She featured my Flossy Embroidery Floss Bobbins on her lovely blog. I have been a fan of her blog since I heard her interviewed on CraftSanity podcast.

My wood bobbins that I made from my artwork. They are called Flossy!

My Flossy Bobbins!
Thanks again, Kayte! You can "adopt" your very own Flossy at my Shoppe Sugar Cookie on Etsy or my personal website, too.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tunesday Tuesday - Local Photos

Today I will show you some photos of photos. yes, photos of photographs that are in the Georgia Theatre here in Athens. These are all taken by local guy Jason Thrasher. I think they are really lovely photos and I hope you do, too. They are of some of our favorite musicians.

REM photo by Jason Thrasher at the Georgia Theatre.

Will Cullen Hart photo by Jason Thrasher at the Georgia Theatre.
Will Cullen Hart

Creepy photo by Jason Thrasher at the Georgia Theatre.

Another Elf Power photo by Jason Thrasher at the Georgia Theatre.
Elf Power

Super Cluster photo by Jason Thrasher at the Georgia Theatre.
Super Cluster

Grass Giraffes photo by Jason Thrasher at the Georgia Theatre.
Grass Giraffes

Ham 1 photo by Jason Thrasher at the Georgia Theatre.
Ham 1

Of Montreal photo by Jason Thrasher at the Georgia Theatre.
of Montreal

Kevin Barnes photo by Jason Thrasher at the Georgia Theatre.
Kevin Barnes

Nina Barnes photo by Jason Thrasher at the Georgia Theatre.
Nina Barnes