Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nilla Turns Nine

Nilla 0092
My beautiful kitty, Nilla, celebrated her adoption day yesterday (March 23). She turned nine! Nine! Can you imagine? I kept thinking she turned eight, but then I did the math and it was nine. Nilla, you will always be eight in my heart.

Nilla 0091
In celebration, we decided to get Nilla some nice wheat grass. She really enjoys wheat grass, and the bunnies do, too. Here she is enjoying her birthday treat.

Nilla 0096

Nilla 0102

Nilla 0105
Nilla also got some turkey dinner, and Raoul and I sung "Happy Birthday" to her. It was really amazing!

Nilla 0114

Nilla 0006
Cheers, Nilla! I love you so much! You are a good friend.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Chocolate Bunnies and Diamonds for the Curatorial

Chocolate bunnies!
I made some of my plush chocolate bunnies for our friends Christy and Shannon's new online shop, the Curatorial! You can get these softies right here, but act fast, these are limited quantities at the Curatorial!

Cute chocolate bunny!
Here is a close up on this little bun's face! I love how he looks so happy.

My Diamond Hairpins for the Curatorial Atl!
I also have my Diamond Hairpins on the Curatorial, too. I love how they look! So bling-y!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

All the Pets

Nulls was eating the bunny salad this morning!
Nilla loves eating the bunny salad from their home. Nilla really likes to eat pretty much anything.

Nilla shared the bunny salad.
We always say Nilla is a gourmet kitty.

All three pets !!
And here is a blurry shot of all the pets at one time! I got so excited for the moment, so that is why it is a blurry photo of my pets.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Antiquing Around Georgia

Thrifting 0406
Raoul and I like to go thrift shopping, to the local flea market, and junk/ antique shops. There are some neat places around Athens that we have visited.

Thrifting 0437
This place has so much stuff. It is crazy! We shopped and got some good deals.

Thrifting 0408

Thrifting 0410

Thrifting 0411
I just love seeing all the different items all over and wondering about their "past lives" they had!

Thrifting 0413
These kitties of course reminded us of Nilla!

Thrifting 0415

Thrifting 0417

Thrifting 0423

Thrifting 0425

Thrifting 0429

Thrifting 0435
Did you ever wonder where all the ceramic figurines go? Well, here they are.

Thrifting 0432

Monday, March 11, 2013

My Weekend In Pictures - Slingshot Edition

The Soft Touch.
Over the weekend we did some record shopping...

Shopping for records.

We went to Athens Slingshot, a new music and art event in Athens. It was really neat to walk around, see art installations, movement, and music all around town. I have been to stuff like this in my home town of Pittsburgh, so it was neat to see something like this happening in Athens.

Dancers at New Earth.

Glass crafts at the 40 Watt.




The Suzan.

The Suzan at the 40 watt.
We saw the Suzan play downtown, too. They were so good, and we danced so much. I recommend checking them out for sure!

Etsy Talk

I got to talk about my Etsy shop and how I run it to a group of great people called Athens Area Crafters Become Awesome Business People!
I did a talk for a local group called Athens Area Crafters Become Awesome Business People about how I run and promote my Etsy shop! I was honored and excited to tell them different ideas and tips that I have used to help by handmade business grow. It was great to meet everyone and talk about what they make and try for their Etsy shops. Thanks so much to Marsha for hooking up the event. We had a great time!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

College Night Making Buttons at the High

High Museum 8280
Raoul and I got to be a part of the Frida and Diego event for College Night at the High Museum of Art. We had so much fun, here are some pictures I took that night. I did not get to take too many cos we were so busy making button badges with everyone that came to the museum that night!

High Museum 0001
We arrived early and set up our gear to make the buttons. We were making buttons inspired by Frida and Diego, and we had blank circles to make custom art buttons and also magazines and art books to use for button making, too.

High Museum 8275

High Museum 0003
We had markers, colored pencils, scissors...

High Museum 0002
And tons of one inch button making supplies! Our friend Shannon set up this event for us, and she told us to expect 2000 visitors to the museum that night!

High Museum 0005
Soon after seven o'clock, we had a line of students who made buttons! It was nonstop until 11:30! Raoul helped everyone press the button badges, then I helped them pit the pin back on. It was a fun process and everyone was happy with the buttons they created!

High Museum 0007

High Museum 0008

High Museum 0010
Here are some of the badges that were made that night. I especially liked the baby chick! That one is my favorite.

High Museum 8279
We had a great time making one inch pinback buttons at the High! In fact, we were so very busy that we did not get to see the exhibit, so we have to go back another time. I look forward to seeing the Frida and Diego art in person for sure!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures - Lexington Edition

Saw this driving to Lexington from Athens.
Raoul and I took a drive to Lexington, Georgia last weekend. We had a good time seeing the scenery of farms, sheep, goats, and fields. We also saw this funny painted sign!


There are lots of antique shops in the very small section that is the downtown area. We took some pics of the outside of the antique shops that were closed.


Antique shops.

Going here next time.

Knit birds.
One shop had cute handmade items like soap, knit bunnies, yarn, tops, and these adorable knitted birds.



This old building was decked out with hearts! I think they were left over from February.

Heart. Blue sky.

Coming soon.

We had a fun day antique shopping, even though we did not buy anything!