Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures - California Edition

Ribbon lakes!
Raoul and I just returned from a weekend trip to Los Angeles, California! We had such a good time. Here are some photos from our time in beautiful California.

I love the palm trees! They are all over California.

Dancers at Renegade Handmade.

Here are some feathers and dancers at Renegade Handmade. Renegade is awesome! So much fun, good crafts, and food trucks.

Waffles in the park.
Speaking of food trucks, I had to try a waffle from the waffle truck. I think waffles are my favorite food.

Pink parasol.

California flowers.

S'mores making at the restaurant.
The restaurant we went to had s'mores for dessert. We had fun with Raoul's family making s'mores as a yummy treat.


Evan having smores.
Evan liked the s'mores!

Roasting at the table.


Goodnight palm tree.

Friday, July 20, 2012

My Deer Friend

My new friend called Buttercup.
As you can tell, I had a lovely time meeting my deer friend at the Pittsburgh Zoo on my vacation to visit my family. Raoul took these photos with my iPhone when we were there. These photos turned out so funny! Just look at the face Buttercup is making! I am making a funny face, too! These other photos are pretty priceless, too!

Buttercup the deer at the zoo.

Look at Buttercup, the deer I got to pet at the zoo today!! What a great face.
I laugh so hard each time I look at this picture of Buttercup! It really looks like she is trying to tell me a joke or something really important. I love her teeth!

Buttercup the deer. I got to pet you.
Oh Buttercup!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pittsburgh Zoo Day

Pittsburgh Zoo 0050
We have been very busy at the Ranch after our vacation in Pittsburgh. We did get to visit the Pittsburgh Zoo when we were there. I like the zoo, and I had not been in a number of years, maybe even since the 1990's!

Pittsburgh Zoo 0007

Pittsburgh Zoo 0022
This tiger's face reminds me so much of Nilla! She makes the same face as this tiger.

Pittsburgh Zoo 0043

Pittsburgh Zoo 0052
It was really a hot summer day, so the zoo animals were trying to keep cool.

Pittsburgh Zoo 0061
Check out this bear cooling off in his swimming pool.

Pittsburgh Zoo 0060

Pittsburgh Zoo 0090
I love the penguin room. They are always so much fun to watch them play and swim.

Pittsburgh Zoo 0091
Look at this little guy! he is so cute.

Pittsburgh Zoo 0152
Another favorite animal of mine are otters! I just love them. They look so cute when they play and groom their faces.

Pittsburgh Zoo 0168

Pittsburgh Zoo has a new baby otter. Here he is in his swimming pool. He would cry and swim around and then he had some fish. His cries really sounded like a baby. He looks really funny in my picture here - soaked!

Everyone wanted to see the baby otter.

We also got to watch the seals have their dinner, too! They were noisier than the baby otter!


Then I got to pet a deer called Buttercup! What a great day! I love deer. This one was especially sweet to let everyone pet her.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Take Me to Waffallonia

Wafflonia menu board.
We got to visit Waffallonia, a great waffle shop in Pittsburgh. Who knew? Wafflonia serves yummy Liège waffles with all sorts of toppings, like whipped cream, fruit, and ice cream. I love waffles.


Nutella and speculoos spread are also waffle toppings at Waffallonia. They even have speculoos ice cream on the menu!


Liège waffle dough.
Liège style waffles are made from a dough that rises. It has special pearl sugar in the dough that caramelizes when the waffle is cooking in the waffle iron. This makes an especially delicious and yummy waffle.

Liège waffle at Wafflonia.

Our waffles.
Here are some of our waffles. We had whipped cream, blueberries, and lemon cream.

Yummy waffle. I got the Antwerp.
Wach waffle is named after different cities in Belgium. This one has strawberries, it is called Bruges. It was great.

Waffles at Wafflonia.
Cristina and I are enjoying our waffles together!

Ice cream flavors.

Chocolate Strawberry Nutella.



Hello, Neighbor!

Mr. Rogers 0838
We took a walk on the north shore of the river in Pittsburgh. We wanted to visit the Mr. Rogers statue that is there. What a great night for a walk along the river!

Mr. Rogers 0840

Mr. Rogers 0839
There is a great statue of Mr. Rogers right on the north shore. We went to take a closer look. It is a great statue! I am a fan of Mr. Rogers since I was little. In fact, I met Mr. Rogers and shook his hand when I worked at the Science Center for a short while. He shook my hand and said hello; he was wearing a cute bow tie.

Mr. Rogers 0843
Here is me and Greg hanging out with Mr. Rogers!

We took some pictures of the evening view.

We walked along and spotted this momma duck and her duckings! Can you see the ducklings?


How cute! They are all huddled together in one fluffy bunch.