Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sketchbook Sunday

Rain drop drawings.
Here is another Sketchbook Sunday with a few of my current drawings. I thought I would write this post as I watch Downton Abbey (ooh, who else is watching? It is getting really good!). I made some new little drawings and I think they are coming along quite well...

Cats drawn with my brush pen.

Kitty with fur drawing I made with a brush pen.
These are drawn with my Pentel brush pen. I like working with it because the lines you can make remind me of some of my favorite line art from Andy Warhol.

Quail bird drawing.

Baby seals art from my sketchbook.
I really like drawing animals lately. I mostly draw from my memory, but I also like to look at Pinterest and other websites for inspiration. I like looking at different sites for animals and patterns. I would like to make some of these little baby seals into a pattern for my Spoonflower fabric shop!

Mushroom girl with bunny and butterfly.

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