Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Sketchbook Project - Number One

My sketchbook is ready to go!
I am participating in the Sketchbook Project, are you? It is a "library" that will tour with all the sketchbooks to various cities. Then the books will be part if the Brooklyn Art Library. How neat is that? So I am ready, dear readers, to start mine soon, but those snowy white pages are full of hope, but where to start? Well, my theme is "In Five Minutes..." so I will start there. I would like to time myself and draw for five minutes. I also might do journal comics in five minutes. I need some inspiration... Fast!

In comes Invincible Summer and Clutch zines to my rescue! I ordered these zines from Nicole's Etsy shop, Spinster Summer. These are full of great stories, just the push I need to get started on my Sketchbook Project.

Nicole J. Georges comics.

Invincible Summer zine.

Clutch zine.

Clutch's comics.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Play With Your Food - Squash

Summer Squash 1

Summer Squash 2
Raoul and I bought some summer squash in order to make lasagna over the weekend. We got to looking at the different shapes that the squash had, much like my cloud drawings. Raoul told me I should draw them, so here they are, my "before and after" presentation. But! Before you scroll down to see my artwork - what do you see in these shapely yellow squash?

Squash that looked like a duck.
This one had a bit of a stem, so this one is of course a duck, or a goose. I can see him waddle down to the pond right now...

Squash that looked like a bob white.
This little one is a bob white quail, one of my favorite birds for sure. They even call out their name when they speak! I love them. This is sort of like Play With Your Food, no?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fantastic Mr. Frog

Frog Pond Button 3
Since it is rainy today, I guess we are in a froggy sort of mood - that is, making frog buttons! We made these two frog buttons from some of my drawings.

Happy Frog Face Button 3
These are inspired by the 7" record I had as a child of "Froggy Went a Courtin'" that was a coloring book, too. I can't find a visual of this rare treasure from my childhood, but trust me it is a gem. I even played Miss Mousie in first grade in music class. I remember I wore a white top and brown pants, sort of colors I imagined for a mouse. I even recall who Froggy was, too, from my first grade class! Needless to say, these cuties are ready to wear from my personal website and Shoppe Sugar Cookie on Etsy!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Comic About My Glasses

Here I am with the new comic I drew today!
Here is a new comic I made today! My comic is about my first pair of glasses. It is for a new zine I am working on. I still have to finish inking it and erasing the little pencil lines. Hooray!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Illustration Friday - Acrobat

Illustration Friday: Acrobat
I just had to draw for this week's Illustration Friday when I read that the word for this week is "acrobat." Well, I am not an acrobat, maybe, but I am an aerialist. I have studied trapeze and silks locally at Canopy! My drawing is inspired by my weekly classes. You can see some great photos from our Works in Progress show, as well as my video that Raoul took on this post.

Clothes Horse Number Three

Clothes Horse for September 22, 2010
Today's attire was inspired by the very lovely and always in style nautical theme. Raoul got me the striped top for my birthday because it reminded him of Nimes, a Japanese and French style. We have the Lookbook that we got in the Hong Kong airport, and we poured over it on the plane ride home. I wore my denim culottes from Built By Wendy, one of my favorites. I love BBW cos I am tiny, and her clothes actually fit me, so I don't have to shop at Target Kids! Ha ha. As always, I love knee high socks, and Mary Jane shoes.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I Only Eat Cute Food

Cutest grilled cheese - ever.
Here is the cutest grilled cheese sandwich - ever.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let's Have a Tea Party!

Tea Party Buttons Set 1
Please have a look at Papernstitch today! My Tea Party Button Set is featured on their front page! You can have a peek at my whole gallery on Papernstitch right here, too.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Birthday! My Birthday!

Macarons and little cookies for my birthday.
Yesterday was my birthday! I like birthdays. I like having my very own special holiday. Raoul took me to the High Museum and all over Atlanta, really. We had a nice time visiting the bakery, shopping, and then a nice dinner at one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants, Café Sunflower.

Raoul got me macarons instead of cake for my birthday!

Macarons for my birthday!
Instead of cake, we got some French macarons from Maison Robert, a very cute bakery. We tried all the flavors they had, as well as some little round biscuits (shown at the top). Our favorite flavors were chocolate, salty caramel, and coffee - and we do not drink coffee! You can see all the pretty colors and different flavors. Yum.

Ceramic tooth container Raoul gave me for my birthday!
Raoul also showered me with many goodies for my birthday. He found this miniature tooth container at Youngblood Gallery. I love how you can see the tooth "enamel"!

Thank you, Raoul, for celebrating my birthday and being so wonderful!

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Birthday!

My birthday portrait.
Today is my birthday! You can tell from the little candle necklace I am wearing in my portrait! You can get a candle necklace sent to you if you sign up your address and birthday when you visit Anthropologie! I love this necklace - it is adorable! Now I am tired from my birthday, so I am going to take a rest now... ❤

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lego Lighthouse

Joey's Lego lighthouse.
My baby brother, Joe loves Legos. In fact, he loves Legos so much he draws his own plans and builds them. Here is a lighthouse he created recently! I love the colors and accuracy! Go Joe!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kitchen Shelf

Here is the kitchen shelf we made -
My parents were visiting over the long holiday weekend, so they helped us make a shelf above the stove in the kitchen. We made this shelf from wood we had cut to size and the cute brackets are the Pumpkin Vine brackets from Anthropologie that I think are so adorable.

New shelf!
I lightly brushed the board with creamy white paint that is the trim and accent paint throughout the house. We added little hooks to hold some of our favorite tea cups! My mom gave me these vintage tea cups. We think hey look great with our new shelf!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tiny Dinos

Dinosaur Button Set 4
I made some dinosaur drawings, then Raoul helped me make them into some buttons! Now we have the Tiny Dinos Button Set in my Shoppe Sugar Cookie! I made some of my favorite kinds of dinosaurs - pterodactyl, triceratops, Tyrannosaurus rex, and brontosaurus. Brontosaurus has always been a favorite dinosaur of mine, but I also like the diplodocus, too, but it really looks very much like a brontosaurus, so maybe people would mistake that particular dinosaur. I just stuck with the one I thought everyone would be familiar with. My friend in grade school made a diplodocus toy when she was in the hospital. I was forever jealous of this toy and loved to play with it, so I think that is why I like diplodocus so much.