Monday, August 30, 2010

Charming Unicorn

Unicorn charm I made.
Last week I got a custom request through my Alchemy at Shoppe Sugar Cookie for a Unicorn Charm like my Flossy. I am getting it ready to ship as soon as possible, but I think it really looks darling!

Unicorn charm.
I especially love the square link sterling silver chain I used, too. I love it so much, I might have to make one just for myself, too!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hey, Hon!

Honey's Salon Bee Badges 1

Honey's Salon Bee Badges 3
This weekend I was a "busy bee," haha - and was commissioned by my good friend Jo Nicol to make some custom buttons with some of my original artwork. Jo is the Queen Bee over at Honey's Salon.

Honey's Salon Bee Badges 7
I decided on making her a collection of bees with different hair do's, and here they are! I think they will be fabulous for Honey's!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fine Prints

I Care Hang in There - Bunny Gocco Print 10
This week our friend Erin came over and I showed her how to use a Gocco. She is getting married in November and is going to use the Gocco to print her own wedding invites and favors! I showed her a "demo" with some of my art. I used the hugging bunnies cos I thought they were so cute and Raoul gave me the idea for the cute phrase.

I Care Hang in There - Bunny Gocco Print 13
I made a limited edition of these, but I added them to my Shoppe Sugar Cookie on Etsy. I love the paper and colors of ink on my print!

I Care Hang in There - Bunny Gocco Print 2
And these baby buns are perfect for framing. Here is an example - I think these Ikea frames are tops! If you would like to see more "making of" photos, Raoul did a better job at documenting it all here!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Favorite Puppets

These are some of my favorite puppets.
We visited the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta with our friends Leia and Rose. We had so much fun. Here are some of my favorite pictures from that day. I especially love the kitty and bunny puppets. Maybe this will inspire some more puppet making soon.

Raoul, Rose, Leia, me.

Piglet puppet.
Raoul says I am a lot like Piglet cos I worry so much. Piglet was always my favorite character from Winnie the Pooh. How nice to see him looking at us!

Bunny puppet that I love.
Another rabbit - LOVE!

Fairy puppet.

Punch puppet.
A little Punch puppet.

Puppet shoe.
Love the shoes.


Skeksis of the Dark Crystal.
The best stuff is the Jim Henson muppets! Remember the Dark Crystal? A favorite at my house.

Pigs in Space puppets.
And who does not love Pigs in Space?

Mini Fraggles
Mini Fraggles - MINI FRAGGLES!

Ma and Emmet.
And my favorite of all time - Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas. I can't tell you how much I adore this holiday special. I have such a deep love for these cute characters. I watch this every Christmas and I fall in love with the story over and over. The songs are great, but just look at Ma's dress - complete with rickrack trim, and Emmet's sweet face.

Emmet Otter. I love you.
I love you, Emmet Otter.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What I Ate

What I had to eat on August 2, 2010.
Forgot I drew this waaay back at the start of August. I finally added the color to this drawing and it is ready to share! What a nice way to remember what I had on this day. The cake at the Grit was yummy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Shall I Wear?

My Fifi Lapin contest entry.
Here is my entry for What Shall I Wear? contest by Fifi Lapin! My Fifi Lapin fashion is inspired by outfits in my closet, or in my friend's closets. I imagine this outfit as something I would like to wear to Fifi's book launch party. It is fanciful and colorful with a hint of vintage with a modern twist. I love the colors and mix of patterns in my outfit.

What do you think?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

TMBG: the High School Years

They Might Be Giants artwork from my childhood - pin back button.
So you might remember my illustration for the word "giant" for Illustration Friday. I found some of my drawings from my high school days that feature They Might Be Giants. I was obsessed! I drew them on my notebooks, for projects in art class, and in my spare time! Here is a button I drew, too, and it looks like it did not age well at all!

They Might Be Giants folder I drew in high school. Front view.

They Might Be Giants folder I drew in high school. Back view.
Here is some of my first attempts at typography! Don't you love the different styles and colors I used to spell out my favorite band name?

They Might Be Giants artwork from my childhood - coffee cup.
This is one of my favorite little sketches I made of a tiny John and John behind their beloved coffee cup.

They Might Be Giants artwork from my childhood - coffee cup. Inspired by Cathy.
I read the comics all the time. This drawing is inspired by the look of Cathy! You can really tell in their eyes.

They Might Be Giants artwork from my childhood.
I think this is one my younger brother, Joey made. Check out the detail on this!

They Might Be Giants artwork from my childhood - John and John.

They Might Be Giants artwork from my childhood - gas pump.

They Might Be Giants artwork from my childhood - snowman.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Finger Puppet Collections

Finger puppets I made - rainbow collection.
I made some more finger puppets and finished a bunch of them last night. So far I made bears, kitties, bunnies, and piggies. I plan on designing a doggie, too. I just love how they look so far! Here is the Rainbow Collection.

My finger puppets in soft colors.
Here are some of the puppets in Soft Colors Collection. I really love the gray and pink colors. I love the embroidered faces, too.

My handmade finger puppets - the pattern collection.
And we had a bunch of patterned felt that Raoul uses for his pouches. I think it gives a different look to the mini puppets!