Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cafe Sunflower

At Cafe Sunflower.
Last night we got to go to one of our favorite restaurants in Atlanta. It is called Cafe Sunflower. It is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant and we love it so much. It was very cold last night, so it was nice to sit down after a long day and have some amazing food...

Soy nuggets at Sunflower.
We had some soy "chicken" nuggets. They have a spicy mustard dipping sauce. I think these are Raoul's favorite.

Berry tea at Sunflower.

Stuffed acorn squash was so good.
I had the stuffed acorn squash. it is stuffed with all kinds of roasted veggies. Raoul had a spicy stir fry with soy chicken and veggies.

Coconut cake.
And for dessert we treated ourselves to yummy coconut cake...

Blueberry cobbler.
And I had the blueberry cobbler. So good! I am dreaming about this dessert right now...!!


  1. Yum. This food all looks so good..Especially the blueberry cobbler! I didn't know that you're a vegetarian. I am too. :) Glad you had a nice night!

  2. Cafe Sunflower is totally yummy! I think it is my favorite in Atlanta. I might try my hand at blueberry cobbler later today... And both me and my boyfriend are vegetarian! :)