Thursday, February 21, 2013

Frida and Diego

College Night at the High Museum
We will be at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta on Saturday, February 23 for College Night event! We will be making buttons celebrating the art, life, and love of Frida and Diego, two of my favorite artists. It should be a fun night, so come and say hello and check out some amazing artwork. This is going to be a great night!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Share the Love Giveaway Contest via Chestnut Mocha Blog

hedgie wood pin give away on chestnut mocha blog
My friends Katie and Ben write the cutest blog, Chestnut Mocha. They are hosting a giveaway Shoppe Sugar Cookie! You can enter to win some amazing prizes, and also one of my Hedgie Wood Pins! Enter soon! Check out the giveaway right here.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Oreo Day

Today is a very special day. It is four years ago since we found Oreo in a parking lot in her cage with a note that said "free." We love Oreo so much. So happy to find you!
Not only is today Valentine's Day, but it also marks four years ago since we found our bunny in a parking lot in Atlanta. Each Valentine's Day I think about this, and sometimes Raoul and I wonder if Oreo was a Valentine gone wrong! I love our Oreo bunny!

Oreo Day! You are four today!

I never thought I would be an owner of a pet rabbit. I really like having rabbits, though. Rabbits are so different than having a cat - they eat all the time, they sleep in the middle of the day, and they are so playful and affectionate. OUr rabbits are a part of our family, as much as our cat Nilla is.

My Jumbles.

Long Bunny!
After having Oreo for a while, we adopted Jumbles from the North Georgia House Rabbit Society. Not only did I never expect to be a rabbit owner, but now I am the owner of two rabbits! I love Jumbles, and he is a little more shy than Oreo, but he has really come a long way. He really loves Oreo, so that is nice.


Oreo and Jumbles are such a good pair. I love them both! Happy Oreo Day!

Happy Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day watercolor!
Just popping in to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! Hope yours is filled with love and candy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tunesday Tuesday - the Music Tapes

Tunesday Tuesday - the Music Tapes
The band of the week is one of my favorites, the Music Tapes! I always enjoy seeing the Music tapes perform, but this time was especially special. The band had a custom circus tent made for their shows! The tent was there, and so were games, prizes, bells, and blindfolds.

The Music Tapes 0461

The Music Tapes 0462

The Music Tapes 0333
The game where you had to ring the bell by tossing a penny while blindfolded was really difficult, but I did hear some people win this game!

The Music Tapes 0457

The Music Tapes 0459

The Music Tapes 0327

The Music Tapes 0326

The Music Tapes 0341
We didn't get to the Flood game, cos the show was ready to start! We went into the tent and were treated to cartoons before the show began.

The Music Tapes 0350
There were many different "acts" in the show, so there were songs, then mini performance pieces throughout, sort of like a vaudeville show. This was one of our favorites, a must see! I won't tell too much of what Robby is doing here, but it is so neat - you just have to see the Music Tapes for yourself!

The Music Tapes 0390

The Music Tapes 0392

The Music Tapes 0354
Julian played the singing saw, which is really neat to see. The only other singing saw I saw (haha) at a concert was John from the Coctails!

The Music Tapes 0364

The Music Tapes 0370

The Music Tapes 0371

The Music Tapes 0373

The Music Tapes 0374

The Music Tapes 0398

The Music Tapes 0404

The Music Tapes 0420
The snowman portion of the show was especially exciting, too!

The Music Tapes 0426

The Music Tapes 0449

The Music Tapes 0450

The Music Tapes 0451

The Music Tapes 0453
Here is the miniature version of the tent within the tent! This was another favorite part of the Music tapes show - when the miniature tent was revealed, and the inside of the miniature tent was shown, I was so excited. I love miniatures, so this was really adorable. I even imagined a miniature version of myself in the tent.

The Music Tapes 0452

The Music Tapes 0456
It was so much fun getting to hang out in the Music Tapes tent for a bit! I can't wait to see the Traveling Imaginary again!

Monday, February 11, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures - Unicorn Edition

Me and a cheese puff.
We had a busy weekend, and it felt pretty long, but weekends always feel like they go too fast. We went to see some bands at a venue in Atlanta called the Drunken Unicorn. Here I am with a cheese puff plush that I made, and I gave it to my friend for his daughter!

@golddashbears at the Unicorn !
We saw Gold-Bears, and they were really good!

At the Drunken Unicorn.
The club is pretty cool! Lots of stuff on the walls, and unicorns.

Grass Widow.

Grass Widow.
We also saw Grass Widow. They were really great, too!

Package from my pen pal!!
I also had a great mail day and got a big box from my pen pal in Seattle! Look at all the goodies he sent to me. WOW!

This pillow was into package from my pen pal! Nilla loves it!
And he also sent this vintage pillow. It looks so much like Nilla, and she really likes it!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sketchbook Sunday - Wedding Illustrations

evie banner
Last autumn Evie emailed me asking for artwork for her wedding. She wanted it in my mori girl style, and I had so much fun making these illustrations to celebrate her wedding. These drawings are based on the photos that Evie sent to me.

evie ukelele
I made these illustrations in ink and then cleaned it up and colorized it using Photoshop. I think the colors look so nice, and I really like how her dress looks, too.

evie thank you
Here is the artwork for her thank yous. I really like how her dress pattern came out, and his plaid shirt!

Wedding illustration for Evie and Edward in Singapore.
Here are some of the ink drawings that I made, some are not ones that got chosen in the end. I like how they look, though, and it is neat to see the drawings without the colors that the final illustrations have.

Wedding illustrations for a wedding commission. Making them in mori girl style. #mori #morigirl

Making wedding drawings for a commission.
I really like drawing in my mori girl style. I am so happy with how these drawings turned out!