Sunday, January 29, 2012

Artist Kiki Smith

Kiki Smith 1881
Last weekend Raoul and I went to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. There we saw one of my favorite artists, Kiki Smith. I have been interested in her work since I saw her art exhibit at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh in about 1997 or so. It was nice to see her artwork again in person, and there were even some of the birds from the Mattress Factory at this exhibit, too. Here are some pictures I took from the exhibit. Apparently you are not allowed to take camera pictures, so these are all from my iPhone using the Camera+ app.

Kiki Smith 1880

Kiki Smith 1865

Kiki Smith 1862

Kiki Smith 1864

Kiki Smith 1886
This one especially was zine-y to me.

Kiki Smith 1889

Kiki Smith 1895
This one was one of my favorites.

Kiki Smith 1907

Kiki Smith 1901

Kiki Smith 1909

Kiki Smith 1883

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