Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Blythe!
Just popping in to wish you a Merry Christmas! Hope everyone has a merry one!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Time

world away 0249
We went to a holiday handmade market in the next town over from Athens. The sale was called a World Away. We thought we went too far into the woods, but then we found the right place. Plus, it was a prefect day for a walk in the woods - it wasn't too terribly cold, and it was cloudy, but not rainy. We were not sure what to expect...

world away 0250

world away 0251

world away 0253
There were banners, tables of vintage and handmade, cider, and homemade sweets at the ready. Everything was so enchanting, it made the day feel so special.

world away 0254

world away 0256

world away 0257

world away 0258

world away 0259

world away 0261

world away 0262

world away 0264
We walked farther into the woods and looked at all the antiques set up in some of the sheds around the house.

world away 0267

world away 0268

world away 0269
I really lived this rabbit from the 1920's!

world away 0274

world away 0275

world away 0279

world away 0280

world away 0281

llamas 0285
Then we were really excited to see the llamas on the farm near by. Look at these alpacas! They had about 20 alpacas on the farm. In the distance we also saw geese, donkey, and chickens.

llamas 0288

llamas 0290

llamas 0292

llamas 0298

llamas 0305

llamas 0307
I hope everyone has a great holiday! Merry Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Great Stickers

Here is a better picture of my Christmas stickers.
I love these animal stickers I got for my Christmas mail that I have been sending out lately! Very cute!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Koala Ice Cream Treat

Koala ice creams! Yay!!!!
This time of year, when it is so cold and wintery, sometimes I crave a sweet, cold treat. I know it sounds crazy, but I remember going holiday shopping, or picking a Christmas tree, and just craving an ice cream sundae! So we would stop at Eat N Park on the ride home to have sundaes!

Raoul had one, too.
I made these koala ice creams for Raoul and I - don't they look so cute?

My koala ice cream!
I used a chocolate covered almond for the koala's nose, currants for the eyes, and Madelines for the ears. Yummy!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pin-Up Show

Pin-Up Show at ATHICA.
Please come to the Pin-Up Show at ATHICA tonight. I am exhibiting three of my illustrations in this show! Come check it out, there are lots of great artists included in this art exhibit.

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Beginning to Looking a Lot Like...

We put up our little Christmas tree! Raoul helped organize my vintage Christmas treasures. I think they look especially great this year!

Our tree and decorations!!

My deer collection. They are vintage.

Santa ad his sleigh.
My mom gave me these reindeer and Santa Claus. I have had these since I was little. They are some of my favorite decorations. We could not fit all the reindeer on the rooftop, so there are two more in a box!

Some of my Christmas elves.
I really love the knee hugger elves!

2012 tree

We have all Hallmark ornaments on our Christmas tree. My family has always collected these, and my mom even buys my brothers and I a new ornament each year. She even gets Raoul one now! I just love them and I love remembering all of them since I was little. Now we are ready for Christmas at the Ranch! Are you ready?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holly Day Handmade Market 2012

Treehouse Hollyday Market 2012 0104
We had a great time at Last week's Holly Day Market at our favorite local shop, Treehouse! Here are some pics from that day.

Treehouse Hollyday Market 2012 0105
Here are some photos I took of our tables. We decided to make ours the tallest display!

Treehouse Hollyday Market 2012 0106

Treehouse Hollyday Market 2012 0110
My cheese puff plush were in their container! I think they looked really cute.

Treehouse Hollyday Market 2012 0107

Treehouse Hollyday Market 2012 0109

Treehouse Hollyday Market 2012 0111
Here is our friend Amanda from Tin Cup. She makes cute felt crowns!

Treehouse Hollyday Market 2012 0112

IMTreehouse Hollyday Market 2012 0113
Lindsay made these great ponies! We saw kids playing with them all day.

Treehouse Hollyday Market 2012 0114

Treehouse Hollyday Market 2012 0114
I got some of these great ceramic charms from Julie at Subterranean.

Treehouse Hollyday Market 2012 0117
And this is Michelle at Oceanity! Her stuff always looks so great. Of course I got a kitty scarf from her.

Treehouse Hollyday Market 2012 0116
This is Laura of Grandiflora. I really liked her pillowcases - I had to have one. So I got the lavender one and it has constellations that glow in the dark.

What a great holiday market. I love Treehouse!