Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We Buy DIY - Cuyler Hovey-King Jewelry

ICE Summer 2012 - 1222
I have loved Cuyler Hovey-King's jewelry for a long time now. The first piece I ever owned of her was given to me as a gift from Raoul - it was the Tiny Chair necklace that he bought at ICE Atlanta many years ago. I think it was meant to be a Christmas present, but he gave it to me that day! I love it so much!

ICE Summer 2012 - 1219
We visited Cuyler's table at ICE Atlanta each year ever since. So I have been collecting her jewelry for some time, and I truly love each piece. I am a huge fan of miniatures (that sounds funny to say!), so her work is no exception. I also love sterling silver, I just feel like it is more my "thing" than gold.

ICE Summer 2012 - 1223

ICE Summer 2012 - 1218
Cuyler works in metals, but also uses vintage jewelry in her designs, too.

ICE Summer 2012 - 1224
And adorable vintage props at her table!

Tiny chair necklace.
So, what jewelry do I have in my own collection? Well, like I said, I have the little chair charm, and I get compliments on it when I wear it! I wear this one all the time.

Bunny charm bracelet.
Usually I do not wear bracelets, but this one is an exception, and maybe after wearing this I will wear more of them. I am at the computer at work, so they sometimes can get in the way, but I wear this one, and it is no problem at all. I love this bunny, even though it is a bit strange for it to not have a face! This is made from a vintage candy mold.

Bunny ring.
Here is my bunny ring, too. Yes, another bunny! You know I can't get enough...

wearing my new bunny necklace by Cuyler Hovey-King Jewelry.

Bunny charm by Cuyler Hovey-King Jewelry.
And of course I had to have the matching bunny necklace charm. Bunny solidarity! Or else maybe I qualify as a "crazy bunny lady" now. You can check out Cuyler Hovey-King Jewelry on Etsy, or check out her blog, too!

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