Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sketchbook Sunday: Two Family Portraits

Jeremy, Sophie, and Juliet Portrait
I was commissioned by my friend Jeremy to draw a portrait of his super cute family as a gift for his wife for a Mother's Day gift. In this photo you will find Jeremy, his daughter Sophie, and his wife Juliet. Jeremy said make them listening to records in a living room, but I just ma de a textured color background cos I am not a fan of drawing backgrounds, really. I did incorporate his idea of listening to music by adding the cute close and play record player, miniature music notes, and a guitar. This is a very musical family, as Jeremy and Juliet play in the fabulous indie pop band called Gold-Bears.

Courtney and Bob Portrait
The other portrait I drew recently is of my pal Courtney and her boyfriend, Bob. This was an anniversary gift to them. Courtney, long time zine queen and pen pal, asked that I added their two pet chinchillas, Bambi and Belle. She said usually the chinnies are very fast and do not sit still for holding, but I made them holding Bambi and Belle anyway. I added the hay at their feet, as any good small pet owner knows, hay is all the time all over the house.

I hope you both enjoy your portraits! I had a fun time making these for Jeremy and Courtney.

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