Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lemonade Day

Lemonade day!
We love lemonade this time of year. It really is the taste of summer! We made vanilla lemonade from the recipe Emily used. This recipe is so yummy, we make a double batch and it goes so fast at our house.

Making vanilla lemonade.

New citrus juicer!
I purchased a new citrus juicer this weekend, too. This one for sure makes the job so much easier than my old juicer, the kind you twist and twist. This one is easy cos you just squish the lemon in the juicer, and into the pitcher.

My vintage ice cube tray.
Check out this vintage ice cube tray that my mom gave to me! We had this since I was little. It was a little goofy at first, but then it worked like a charm. I think I will make lots of ice from now on!

Adding vanilla.
The yummy part of this recipe is for sure the vanilla!

Lemonade time.
And voila! Vanilla lemonade!

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