Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dolly Day

dolly 1187
I took a needle felting workshop at our local favorite store, Treehouse. My class made needle felted dolls. Here is mine, this is the first step. This is the form for the body, including the head.

dolly 1188

dolly 1190
I made my doll by working on needle felting the head and body first. Then I worked on the arms and legs. Here is my doll in progress. I think it looks sort of like a marshmallow head and body!

dolly 1191

dolly 1192
I attached the arms by needle felting them to the body. The teacher said to try and make this as seamless as possible. This takes a lot of poking the felt with the special barbed needle. It is fun, and the more you felt the wool, the tighter it becomes, and my doll sort of shrunk a little at this point. It did help shape the doll's neck and arms, though.

dolly 1193
I added the legs the same way I added the arms. Here is my doll in progress.

dolly 1194
I decided my doll is mori girl inspired, so I gave her natural color tights. I used a light color that was mottled and pale tan color.

dolly 1195
This is as far as I got in my first class! I really like how my doll is shaping up at this point.

dolly 1196
I worked on some outside of my class, too. I added brown shoes with yellow buttons. I think they look really mori girl and they came out so cute!

dolly 1198

dolly 1200
I added a camisole as her underpinnings.

dolly 1201

dolly 1202
And then she got some undies!

dolly 1206

dolly 1207

dolly 1208
Here I added her hair. Then I felted it at the part. I did mine down the center and I made braids. I did not felt or tie the braids, so later on I can maybe give her a different hair style later on. I think she looks cute with the long braids. She looks really mori girl then!

dolly 1209
I am adding her face next.

dolly 1210

dolly 1211
Now she has a face! I made her have green eyes.

dolly 1212

dolly 1213
I sewed her some clothing - a top from an old turtleneck my mom gave me. I used a boatneck shirt pattern from my Blythe dolls. It fits her pretty good! I made a little skirt from some eyelet lace.

dolly 1214

dolly 1215

dolly 1216
Then my dolly went to school!

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