Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer ICE 2012

ICE Summer 2012 - 1229
Over the weekend Raoul took me to Indie Craft Experience, or ICE Atlanta. We had a good time walking around and checking out so many of the tables and awesome crafts. It was quite a mix! I did some shopping, too.

ICE Summer 2012 - 1231
We liked watching Noosh Studios pull their t-shirts through their very own portable printing press! How neat is that?

ICE Summer 2012 - 1233
I loved this display from Atlanta Institute of Stitches and Craft. They offered linen ribbon by the yard, yarns in all colors, cute washi tape, and crafting kits. How inspiring! I got a kit to make a miniature needle felted forest at their table.

ICE Summer 2012 - 1234
Some of the artwork on display that ICE attendees created at the craft station.

ICE Summer 2012 - 1227

ICE Summer 2012 - 1226

ICE Summer 2012 - 1225
Adorable earrings, barrettes, and jewelry on display at Camille's tables. You can find her beautiful goodies at Cameoko. I really like her fabric earrings and hairpins.

ICE Summer 2012 - 1228
We also sampled some yummy macarons from Bookie Macarons. Hooray for this new yummy addition to ICE! We had peach and earl gray flavors.

We had such a fun, busy day at ICE. We look forward to the next one!

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