Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Book Fair

Decatur Book Fair 0198
Over the weekend Raoul and I met our friend Marla and went to the Decatur Book Fair. Did you know that this is the largest independent book fair? We got there in the afternoon, just in time to see Dame Darcy speak about her new book called the Handbook for Hot Witches!

Decatur Book Fair 0204
Conor McCreery, another graphic novelist, shared the stage with Dame Darcy at the Baptist Church where the talk was held.

Decatur Book Fair 0209
I was really there to get my copy of Frightful Fairy Tales signed. There is an ebook version of Frightful Fairy Tales, so don't fear if you can't find the print version. The new ebook will have added tales! I have been a fan of Dame Darcy's art since he split 7" with the Coctails! I love her gothy graphic style.

Got my book signed by Dame Darcy!

Decatur Book Fair 0211
We walked around the book fair and saw these neat banners printed and placed all around Decatur's downtown. They looked like giant block prints, some were even printed on bed sheets!

Decatur Book Fair 0212

Decatur Book Fair 0216

Decatur Book Fair 0218
Later that day we went to see Leela Corman discuss her book called Unterzakhn. It was neat to hear her talk about her process and the scale she works in - she said the pages of her book were about 19 inches in width! She had a slide show of her art, sketches, and inspiration photos.

Decatur Book Fair 0220

Decatur Book Fair 0219

Decatur Book Fair 0222

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