Sunday, July 8, 2012

Trip to Pennsylvania

Peach on the horizon
Last week we went to visit my family in Pennsylvania for the Fourth of July. Raoul and I had fun driving up from Georgia. It takes 12 hours, but we have fun on the long ride. We always pass the giant peach in Gaffney, South Carolina. It looks really neat over the trees like this!

South Carolina!
Driving into South Carolina, there are so many signs for farms. We stopped at Abbott Farms and got some snacks and drinks. They had so many peaches, too. We like roadside farm markets.

Peach farm South Carolina.

Honey bears, Abbott Farm, SC.

Mr. Waffle
I love waffles! We always pass Mr. Waffle, but we have yet to stop. I always look at this sign.

Pop Pops. Was not open.
We stopped off for lunch in North Carolina. We saw Pop Pop's, but it was totally closed. We liked the sign, though, it looks like it probably was a pretty neat ice cream stand.



Tom's Diner.
There was lots of traffic through Virginia and West Virginia, and mostly no power going through West Virginia due to storms the night before. I had never seen that before - no gas stations were open, no power on the traffic lights, too. It was crazy! We finally were able to gas up after we crossed through Pennsylvania. Anyways, we arrived very late at my brother Greg's house, but he and his wife Cristina took us to Tom's Diner. It was great to have a post midnight snack!

At my brother's.
We had a good night in this newly painted room at Greg's house!

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