Friday, July 20, 2012

My Deer Friend

My new friend called Buttercup.
As you can tell, I had a lovely time meeting my deer friend at the Pittsburgh Zoo on my vacation to visit my family. Raoul took these photos with my iPhone when we were there. These photos turned out so funny! Just look at the face Buttercup is making! I am making a funny face, too! These other photos are pretty priceless, too!

Buttercup the deer at the zoo.

Look at Buttercup, the deer I got to pet at the zoo today!! What a great face.
I laugh so hard each time I look at this picture of Buttercup! It really looks like she is trying to tell me a joke or something really important. I love her teeth!

Buttercup the deer. I got to pet you.
Oh Buttercup!