Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Ride on the Pittsburgh Incline

Incline 0792
Raoul and I like being tourists in Pittsburgh! Cristina took us to the incline after a nice ride on the T. The T is Pittsburgh's cable car transit. The neighborhood my brother and his wife live in is very close to the T stop, so we rode it to Station Square.

Incline 0803

Incline 0794
All aboard!

Incline 0793
Then we went up the hill to Mount Washington.

Incline 0796
Here is my window view from inside the incline railway car. The lights turn on at night.

Incline 0800

Incline 0804
This is at the top of the incline.

Incline 0806

Incline 0809
Here I am with Cristina enjoying the view of the city on a hot summer day.

Incline 0813

Incline 0815

Incline 0816
Then we stopped to have some cool drinks at a cafe.

Incline 0820
Then we went back down the incline. What a great view!

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