Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's Go Sugar Café

Sugar Cafe.
During our visit to Pennsylvania, my brother Greg and his wife Cristina took us to a cute café that is just up the street from their house. It is called Sugar Café, and it is really sweet!

Sugar Cafe, Dormont.

Cupcakes at Sugar. Chocolate, Espresso, and S'mores on the bottom.

S'mores cupcakes.
They had all flavors of cupcakes, including a s'mores cuppy! It really has a nice toasted marshmallow top, doesn't it?

Pink cupcakes!

Sugar Blend.

Muffins at Sugar.


Sugar Blend. Cute.

Lemon pound cake.
Raoul and I tried this light lemon poundcake. It was especially yummy!

Cream puffs from Sugar Cafe.
And I also had a cream puff. It was very good, too. I look forward to going back to Sugar! Do you have a favorite bakery in your neighborhood?

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