Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hello, Neighbor!

Mr. Rogers 0838
We took a walk on the north shore of the river in Pittsburgh. We wanted to visit the Mr. Rogers statue that is there. What a great night for a walk along the river!

Mr. Rogers 0840

Mr. Rogers 0839
There is a great statue of Mr. Rogers right on the north shore. We went to take a closer look. It is a great statue! I am a fan of Mr. Rogers since I was little. In fact, I met Mr. Rogers and shook his hand when I worked at the Science Center for a short while. He shook my hand and said hello; he was wearing a cute bow tie.

Mr. Rogers 0843
Here is me and Greg hanging out with Mr. Rogers!

We took some pictures of the evening view.

We walked along and spotted this momma duck and her duckings! Can you see the ducklings?


How cute! They are all huddled together in one fluffy bunch.


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