Thursday, May 17, 2012

This American Life Live Broadcast

Ira Glass
Last week we went to see This American Life live! Well, it was not really live and in person, but beamed into a local movie theatre. Raoul and I went to see this show at Discover Mills, just outside of Atlanta. We had a great dinner together at a Greek restaurant before the show, and we made our way around the mall, too. What a thrill it was to SEE a broadcast of This American Life! And to see Ira Glass on the big screen.

Superman cartoons.
Before the show began, we watched vintage Superman cartoons. I really liked how they drew Lois Lane and her eyes. Here is the jewelry shop, just before it got robbed!

This American Life
I especially enjoyed the retro-style animations between the acts and stories. I listen to a podcast called Snap Judgement sometimes, so I was really excited to see Glynn Washington tell his story. I really like hearing about his wild childhood; Raoul assured me I would remember crazy stories better if my childhood was as crazy as his! I also thought the interview about Vivian Maier photographs was brilliant, though I am not sure how she would feel having so many eyes on her work all of a sudden, especially when it was created for her to enjoy. I also thought Tig Notaro's story was hilarious. David Sedaris as a clown was comedy gold, too! I can't wait to hear the podcast so I can hear it again. You won't be able to see David Sedaris as a clown, though.

Hello Kitty marshmallow. Yummy.
What a great show. And what great Hello Kitty marshmallow snacks that we had, too. I look forward to the next live broadcast of This American Life!

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