Thursday, May 24, 2012

Craft Market Tips - Part 2

Raoul and I have successfully attended many craft sales over the years. Here are some things we like to do when preparing for a craft market. I hope this helps you when gearing up for your handmade market!

Craft Sale Tips - Carry
I like to put my stuff in a rolling luggage. This makes it easy to wheel to and from the car, and to the venue. Inside I might put plush, but lately I like to carry all of my one inch pinback buttons in the suitcase. I put the buttons inside tackle boxes that are clear and have separate compartments to store the buttons. I also use clear plastic shoebox shaped boxes for jewelry and items that can't get squished.

Craft Sale Tips - Setting up
When setting up the table, we like to have some height to our display. This adds interest, and allows us to maximize even the smallest craft table by building up. Raoul is better at organizing the items, and we often set up our table at home and create a mock up so we know where everything will go when we arrive to set up. This also helps us know how much we can fit on our tables, so we are not over-packing and carrying things we will not need. I use wire blocks for our display. There are lots of display things out there, but I find these work pretty good for us and they sort of "disappear" and allow our handmade creations to stand out. I also have many small items that are placed on plastic lunch trays and baskets. In the past I have used metal spinner racks and chip clips to display buttons and jewelry.

Craft Sale Tips - Fluff
We have all heard it before, but you are the best way to show off your lovely creations! Yes, you are! I like to wear my hairpins or jewelry to the craft fairs, even if I am going as a shopper. It gives people a good idea of how it looks when worn, and your fellow crafters will see it as you make the rounds to their tables!

I like to "fluff" my table throughout the day. I know this is difficult when it is busy, but I try to make my display look as full as possible, and refill empty spaces with extra stuff.

Craft Sale Tips - At your table
I am so lucky that Raoul makes crafts, so I have someone with me all the time at my table. Bringing a buddy is so helpful so you can visit the restroom, grab a snack, and more importantly, go shopping!

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