Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Illustration Friday - Jump

The word on Illustration Friday this week is jump. We all know how much Oreo and Jumbles like to jump, right? They love to jump. I love seeing them do happy hops and "binkys" in our patio. They can really get going! I never get tired of watching our pet bunnies.


  1. Hurrah for binkies and pet bunnies! We have a Dutch mutt named Mr. Comfrey. He's still learning that it's okay to do a full-out binky, but I love watching him tumble over with joy and flop out flatter than a fritter when everyone's in the room. :)

    1. Sara,

      It took our Jumbles a while to get comfortable here, but now he is really happy. He kicks his head back when he is really happy and he runs super fast! He is really funny to watch and it makes me laugh every time. Oreo is so happy at times that she flops on to her side! It is so cute. Sometimes you can look for bunny flop videos on youtube. It is awesome! Mr. Comfrey sounds like quite the bunny!!