Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Going to the Girl Scouts

Making comic books with the Girl Scouts.
Last week I visited local Girl Scouts in Hull, Georgia. Their troop leader, Linden got in touch with me cos she saw my comic Tofu Baby in the Flagpole. I was the guest speaker to help the girls earn their comic making badge! Yes, there is really a badge for making comic books! I had no idea cos I wasn't a Brownie or a Girl Scout as a child.

Earning the comics making badge with the Girl Scouts in Georgia.
I first showed the girls some of my comics and zines. I also told them I started making comics and zines when I was 14, and that some of my mini comics are still in print today! I had fun showing them how to make a comic from one sheet of paper!

Comic made By Denise in the Girl Scouts troop I talked with about comics.
One girl was inspired by my Dork Lifestyle comics. Well, at least the name! She made her comic about cooking and mice and cakes. It was really sweet to see them making their stories. Some of them drew ice cream cones melting in the sun in their books, while others made a comic about their phobias!

Comic by Denise, a Girl Scout that I met.
After we drew and colored for a while, we shared some strawberries, grapes, cupcakes, and iced tea with the Girl Scouts. We had a great time, but I was a little sad they were not in uniform and we did not eat Girl Scout cookies.

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