Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Illustration Friday - Asleep

Illustration Friday - Alseep
The word for the week on Illustration Friday is asleep. I made this little kitty cos, well, kitties like to sleep! I also think about sleep a lot. I have trouble sleeping most of the time. My sleeplessness is for a few reasons. Nilla likes to paw at my bedroom door at odd hours - lately it has been at 4:30 am. Usually I give her one treat, then she settles down. But I also suffer from restless legs. I have not slept in years because of this problem. I can usually do some stretching or sleep in crazy positions to relieve the pain and "buggy" feeling in my legs, but some nights it is awful feeling. So when I can be asleep, and by asleep I mean a sound, good sleep that is not interrupted, I am as happy as this gold kitten in my illustration!