Monday, June 27, 2011

Chatty Crafty in Tennessee

Chatty Crafty 0021
Last weekend was Chatty Crafty, the indie craft show in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Raoul and I decided to make it a day trip, so we packed some snacks in the car and away we went.

Chatty Crafty 0020
Chatty Crafty was a really good event, there were lots of really talented artists there. We had fun looking at everything, and there were these cool vending machines with all sorts of handmade goodies inside!

Chatty Crafty 0017

Chatty Crafty 0016

Chatty Crafty 0014
Looking around at Chatty, there were some really beautiful terrariums!

Chatty Crafty 0019

Chatty Crafty 0018
We came home with some new goodies...

Chattanooga has sculptures and art around the town. It was everywhere you looked. This was walking near the aquarium and towards the river.

Leo Handmade.

Leo Handmade.

Leo Handmade DIY shop.
We went to the other side of the river to check out the indie shop Leo Handmade. They had the best zine collection I have seen in a while!

My zines made it to the Dolla Zines bin in Leo!
AND - look! My zines were on top of the Dolla Bin when we walked to the back of the shop! No joke, Where's a Cookie was right there. Plus, I found some more of my mini comics there, too. I know these were from "back in the day" cos one of my zines had rubber stamps stamped inside, and I have not made it that way in years. WOAH!

Dancing steps!
We liked the dance how to's all over town.

Hello There.

Carousel 0057_2
Before we left we got to ride on the carousel! It is a really pretty carousel. I love all the animals and everything!

Carousel 0069_2

Carousel 0077_2

Carousel 0088_2
I chose this white rabbit to ride on. This was his sweet face. I love his expression.

Carousel 0073_2
Here is my view from the white rabbit.

Carousel 0075_2
Here I am on the white rabbit!

Carousel 0063_2

Carousel 0086_2
Too true.

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