Friday, June 3, 2011

Clothes Horse Number Eight

Clothes Horse for June 3, 2011
What I wore today was a cute top that I love that has a floral silhouette pattern and also has bunnies and squirrels and birds. I love it for the "woodland folk" pattern and color. Look - I even used the actual pattern on my drawing! I paired it with my great gray twill pants that I love love love. I wear these all the time because I love Built By Wendy and these are pants that actually fit - cos I am tiny. Thanks, Wendy! I also wore my saddle shoe tennis shoes. They are really cool cos they have navy blue in the middle and the rest of the shoe is candy striped! My hair was a little crazy today because of an early morning meeting for work, so I got ready in a rush. I drew a spoon in mu hand cos I have been thinking about Amelie lately. And I ate some yogurt.


  1. I love this post. The outfit is full of win...especially since your top has bunnies on it. I adore Amelie, she is so cute and weird...just how I like it! And yeah, I sort of like Blythe dolls too. They are really cutesy and anime looking.

  2. Thank you so much, Shayla! I love Amelie, too. I was thinking of that Saturday Night Live thing where they pretend to be her and they make her hold a spoon! I could not find it to post a link at all. I love Blythe and I collect them, too. Also - do you know the Black Apple? I think you may like her artwork. Here is a link -