Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ICE Weekend

Last Saturday and Sunday was Indie Craft Experience in Atlanta. We had a nice time and met so many nice people. Here are some of my pictures from that day.

ICE 0090

ICE 0103

ICE 0093

ICE 0088

ICE 0102
These are some pictures from our table. We had a bunch of new stuff, as you can tell. I made some plush cupcakes and more kokeshi dolls! Raoul made some new plaques.

ICE 0111
Our friends Becky and Aitor were in town from Toronto. They got to be beside us at ICE. Here is some artwork from the Misanthrope Specialty Co.

ICE 0101
And Becky's stuff is called Sweetie Pie Press.

ICE 0113

ICE 0083
It was especially cool to see everyone walking around with the swag bags with my illustration on them! Here is our friend Marla who came early to get a bag cos she loved the design so much!

ICE 0118
Our other friend Becky from Glue and Glitter was on the other side of us. She makes these adorable lunch bags.

ICE 0109
During some down time we tried on the google eyes. Becky was pretending to sleep...

ICE 0098
Aitor was checking out the crafts... What a great show!

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