Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

We had a fun, busy weekend. Here are some of my pictures I took.

Appies at the Grit on spring break!

Tofu Baby!
Tofu Baby!

Juice box.
Here I am at the Toyota garage getting an oil change for my car. They are nice cos they give you free drinks, so I had a juice box.

My new Blythe, who has no name yet. What should her name be?

Filling out Etsy orders for lots of buttons!
I had many orders to send out from Shoppe Sugar Cookie, my personal website, and my shop at Felt and Wire. Here are some of my buttons being packed and shipped!

KAWS sculpture.
We also went to the High Museum to see the KAWS.

KAWS circle paintings.

KAWS collage.

KAWS vs Disney.

Ceramic deer at the High.
I loved this deer ceramic.

Deer sculpture.
And this deer sculpture.

Crochet chair.
And this crochet chair!

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