Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures - Yummy Cake and Turducken Edition

Lemon poppy seed cake.
We had a great weekend - mostly hanging out at home working on projects and playing with the pets. We did find some time to go out to eat, see the MFA Art Exhibition at UGA, sew, and plant some seeds. Here is some lemon poppy seed cake that Raoul and I shared at the Grit. I am not sure if they knew it was Nilla's Adoption Day celebration, but it was fun to get a candle in our cake.

At the post office.
We got to check our post box.

Trees in bloom.
The trees have been so beautiful lately. Not so beautiful is the golden-colored pollen that seems to have coated everything outside.

MFA Show at UGA 2784
Here is my favorite artist from the MFA show this weekend - Kyungmin Park. Her work is sooooo good. I am a huge fan.

MFA Show at UGA 2790
Here I am visiting an installation at a side classroom. What neat grass and trees!

MFA Show at UGA 2791
Another great work of art - this was awesome, too!

Turducken for Nilla's Special Day! She loved it.
Here is what Nilla had for her Adoption Day Treat. She loved it and it made her very sleepy and happy. We thought it was really funny that there was Turducken for cats!

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