Sunday, March 4, 2012

Antique Shopping

At the antique shop.
Yesterday Raoul and I went to some of our favorite local antique shops. We had a nice day mostly looking, but Raoul found some goodies.


Sheep rocker.

False teeth.
I thought this was really funny cos I used to dream all the time that my teeth were falling out. I don't dream that so much anymore, but I did dream this when I was in college.

Frog ceramic.
Almost all of my aunts and my Gram Gram had these in their homes! I even have my Gram Gram's, only my ceramic frog is green and a little more "natural" than this one. I see these every now and then at thrift shops and antique shops. They are kind of funny!

Vintage mushroom.

Bunny dish.

Cookie jars.


I had this plush puppy when I was little.
I had a flashback to my stuffed animal collection - I had this little puppy softie! I love the colors on it, and the felt eyelids and eyelashes! So cute. I do not remember where I got this, but I totally had this!

Could this be Nilla?
This cat is an almost-Nilla look alike!

Nilla's buddy!
And ehre is her buddy hiding on another shelf!

Red poodles.
These red poodles reminded me of Dream Pets. I like the little bells on the collar.

Little Imp.
This box is for a pair of baby shoes, but I really liked the image on the lid. I used to collect elves, so this reminds me of some of my elves that I have.

Antique shop.


Ouch heart.
Thanks for visiting the antique shop with me!


  1. I love the rocking sheep!!! it is so adorable, now I want to make one :P

    1. That is funny you mention the rocking sheep - Raoul and I both commented on that to each other, too!