Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tunesday Tuesday: Tattle Tale

Tunesday Tuesday - Tattle Tale
Tattle Tale have been one of my favorite riot grrrl bands for a long time. Tattle Tale has long since broken up, but I still like to bust out their cassette and cd once in a while. Everyone needs some good riot grrrl in their life, no? Tattle Tale was a duo made up of Bonfire Madigan and Jen Wood. They formed Tattle Tale when they were teenagers, and I discovered their music through the Kill Rock Stars record label.

Tattle Tale cassette 0008
When I was in high school I used to write to indie record labels and ask them for a copy of their catalog. I did not have a cd player, only a cassette stereo and walkman, and I had a record player. I only ordered cassettes for most of my high school career, and I was so happy when Tattle Tale had this cassette only release!

Tattle Tale cassette 0009

Tattle Tale cassette 0011
I love Tattle Tale for a number of reasons - I love their lyrics and singing, how sewing is a theme throughout their music, and how they have a love for Pippi Longstocking. How many bands today can claim that?

Tattle Tale cassette 0012

Tattle Tale cassette 0013

Tattle Tale cd 0001
My friend in Seattle found a copy of their cd for me. I love this cd, and it is really hard to find. I think there are downloads online for it now, but I had a terrible time trying to find it for ages.

Tattle Tale cd 0007

Tattle Tale cd 0005

Tattle Tale cd 0003

Here is my favorite song by Tattle Tale.

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