Monday, February 27, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

Mail from my pen pal!
A package and a Valentine from my pen pal in Seattle. I had no idea what could be inside...

Oh my gosh my pen pal mailed me Simply Vanilla Blythe!!!!
And then it was opened to reveal Simply Vanilla Blythe! WOW! I am thrilled and Vanilla is so pretty! Nilla loves Vanilla, too.

Yay for Vanilla!
What a surprise!

Nilla is watching.

Oreo and Jumbles love one another.

Cinnamon twist.

Our flowers are blooming already. This is the earliest I ever remember our flowers blooming. I guess it is because we have had such a warm-ish winter lately.

Crocus in bloom.

Back yard flowers.

Sugar shaker.

Being interviewed at the Oscars.

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