Friday, February 10, 2012

Jewelry and Sculpture

UGA Opening 0394
The last couple weekends Raoul and I went to a few art openings at the University of Georgia. The UGA recently had relocated the jewelry studio where I am taking classes into a whole new facility. The opening was to show off the new studios and some of the jewelry, metal, and sculpture that is made right here on campus.

UGA Opening 0389
This installation reminded me of something similar to one of my favorite artists, Mike Kelley. I really love the little clothing on the stumps of wood. I think it was my favorite art of the whole night.

UGA Opening 0392

UGA Opening 0387

UGA Opening 0386

UGA Opening 0377
Here is some of the jewelry and metal work from the students.

UGA Opening 0379

UGA Opening 0384

UGA Opening 0380
I really love these forged spoons, too. I am excited to learn more in my class and make some new jewelry.

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