Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wood Jewelry

Runaway Bunny Pin 3
I have been busy at work making some new wood jewelry. I love making these wood pins and hairpins from my drawings. They so remind me of cookies! Cookies you can wear!

Itty Bitty Kitty Hairpins 2

Nutty Buddy Pin 2

Sleepy Kitty Wood Pin 1
Raoul says this looks just like Nilla when she is asleep. Nilla is so cute. And of course these little kitties are inspired by our beloved pet cat!

Owl Hairpins 3
This batch of wood items are made from wonderful birch wood. I just love the light texture in this wood. It makes these things look so pretty!

Elephant Wood Pin 3

Acorn Hairpins 3

Softie Ice Cream Cone Wood Pin 1
These goodies are ready at Shoppe Sugar Cookie and some at my website, too!