Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Number One Zine

Number One Zine
I made a new zine! It is special for the Pika Project. This Pikaland project is all about zines. My zine contribution is called Number One. It is inspired by the articles in Nylon Magazine where readers write in and tell about their "firsts," such as their first cell phone, car, or jeans and memories surrounding these items. I made my memories into drawings and comics.

Comic about zines.

My comic about giving myself a haircut.

My documentation of my handmade life.
In Number One, I write about the first zines I read, my first homemade haircut, and some of my first handmade objects. I also recall my pets, jeans, and first car. If you are interested, please have a peek in Shoppe Sugar Cookie for my new zine!

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