Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Sketchbook Project - Number One

My sketchbook is ready to go!
I am participating in the Sketchbook Project, are you? It is a "library" that will tour with all the sketchbooks to various cities. Then the books will be part if the Brooklyn Art Library. How neat is that? So I am ready, dear readers, to start mine soon, but those snowy white pages are full of hope, but where to start? Well, my theme is "In Five Minutes..." so I will start there. I would like to time myself and draw for five minutes. I also might do journal comics in five minutes. I need some inspiration... Fast!

In comes Invincible Summer and Clutch zines to my rescue! I ordered these zines from Nicole's Etsy shop, Spinster Summer. These are full of great stories, just the push I need to get started on my Sketchbook Project.

Nicole J. Georges comics.

Invincible Summer zine.

Clutch zine.

Clutch's comics.

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