Thursday, July 15, 2010

Clothes Horse Number Two

Clothes Horse for July 14, 2010
Here is what I wore yesterday. I must have been in a bit of a time warp cos it really was Wednesday, but I wrote July 15, and that is really today's date. Ah well... So I have on thrifted clothes in this outfit! I got the top at the local Goodwill and the skirt at a little vintage shop in downtown Athens. I think the name keeps changing, but I know when it was in Normaltown it was called Artichoke. I love it cos there is a quail bird family on the skirt, and I love quails. I imagine they are Bobwhites, one of my all time favorite birds! I totally thought I looked like a librarian this day, too. I drew a spoon in my pocket cos, well, that is what I had in my pocket! I used it to eat a cupcake for brekkie and then pudding later on. Super!

in clover.
I also have these lovely Fluevogs I got a few years ago. I had to post a photo of them, (from a different day, not with yesterday's outfit cos I forgot to take the picture, then it got too late and dark outside) cos they are so cute!

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