Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Birthday! My Birthday!

Macarons and little cookies for my birthday.
Yesterday was my birthday! I like birthdays. I like having my very own special holiday. Raoul took me to the High Museum and all over Atlanta, really. We had a nice time visiting the bakery, shopping, and then a nice dinner at one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants, Café Sunflower.

Raoul got me macarons instead of cake for my birthday!

Macarons for my birthday!
Instead of cake, we got some French macarons from Maison Robert, a very cute bakery. We tried all the flavors they had, as well as some little round biscuits (shown at the top). Our favorite flavors were chocolate, salty caramel, and coffee - and we do not drink coffee! You can see all the pretty colors and different flavors. Yum.

Ceramic tooth container Raoul gave me for my birthday!
Raoul also showered me with many goodies for my birthday. He found this miniature tooth container at Youngblood Gallery. I love how you can see the tooth "enamel"!

Thank you, Raoul, for celebrating my birthday and being so wonderful!

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