Sunday, August 1, 2010

Finger Puppet Collections

Finger puppets I made - rainbow collection.
I made some more finger puppets and finished a bunch of them last night. So far I made bears, kitties, bunnies, and piggies. I plan on designing a doggie, too. I just love how they look so far! Here is the Rainbow Collection.

My finger puppets in soft colors.
Here are some of the puppets in Soft Colors Collection. I really love the gray and pink colors. I love the embroidered faces, too.

My handmade finger puppets - the pattern collection.
And we had a bunch of patterned felt that Raoul uses for his pouches. I think it gives a different look to the mini puppets!


  1. Hi Missy! oooh! they're so sweet and cute!!
    love the patternet ones too!
    I'll take a look at papernstitch, looks nice!
    thanks for the link ;)

  2. Hi Eva! Thank you so much for checking out my finger puppets! I am making lots of them lately!

    I love my watch!