Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures - Lexington Edition

Saw this driving to Lexington from Athens.
Raoul and I took a drive to Lexington, Georgia last weekend. We had a good time seeing the scenery of farms, sheep, goats, and fields. We also saw this funny painted sign!


There are lots of antique shops in the very small section that is the downtown area. We took some pics of the outside of the antique shops that were closed.


Antique shops.

Going here next time.

Knit birds.
One shop had cute handmade items like soap, knit bunnies, yarn, tops, and these adorable knitted birds.



This old building was decked out with hearts! I think they were left over from February.

Heart. Blue sky.

Coming soon.

We had a fun day antique shopping, even though we did not buy anything!

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