Sunday, March 10, 2013

College Night Making Buttons at the High

High Museum 8280
Raoul and I got to be a part of the Frida and Diego event for College Night at the High Museum of Art. We had so much fun, here are some pictures I took that night. I did not get to take too many cos we were so busy making button badges with everyone that came to the museum that night!

High Museum 0001
We arrived early and set up our gear to make the buttons. We were making buttons inspired by Frida and Diego, and we had blank circles to make custom art buttons and also magazines and art books to use for button making, too.

High Museum 8275

High Museum 0003
We had markers, colored pencils, scissors...

High Museum 0002
And tons of one inch button making supplies! Our friend Shannon set up this event for us, and she told us to expect 2000 visitors to the museum that night!

High Museum 0005
Soon after seven o'clock, we had a line of students who made buttons! It was nonstop until 11:30! Raoul helped everyone press the button badges, then I helped them pit the pin back on. It was a fun process and everyone was happy with the buttons they created!

High Museum 0007

High Museum 0008

High Museum 0010
Here are some of the badges that were made that night. I especially liked the baby chick! That one is my favorite.

High Museum 8279
We had a great time making one inch pinback buttons at the High! In fact, we were so very busy that we did not get to see the exhibit, so we have to go back another time. I look forward to seeing the Frida and Diego art in person for sure!

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