Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Antiquing Around Georgia

Thrifting 0406
Raoul and I like to go thrift shopping, to the local flea market, and junk/ antique shops. There are some neat places around Athens that we have visited.

Thrifting 0437
This place has so much stuff. It is crazy! We shopped and got some good deals.

Thrifting 0408

Thrifting 0410

Thrifting 0411
I just love seeing all the different items all over and wondering about their "past lives" they had!

Thrifting 0413
These kitties of course reminded us of Nilla!

Thrifting 0415

Thrifting 0417

Thrifting 0423

Thrifting 0425

Thrifting 0429

Thrifting 0435
Did you ever wonder where all the ceramic figurines go? Well, here they are.

Thrifting 0432